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Lab Automation Control Systems.  Safety Shutoff device system that controls a combination or all utilities within a science classroom/lab.
Sigris Pope Chase Housing - The Original "Drop-In" Solution for consolidating roof penetrations. - 20 Year Warranty.
Kingston Brass
Faucets and accessories, Proseal ceramic cartridge, duraseal washerless, luxury at an economic price
Commercial Enameling Company
Cast Iron Plumbing Fixtures
Products availible to ship from our Tulsa Office.
Miro Industries
Complete rooftop and grade level support systems.
Products availible to ship from our Tulsa Office.
Tankless Water Heaters: standard, condensing, and ASME
Noritz Combination Boilers
Tankless Combination Boilers: compact design, stainless steel heat exchanger
Provent Systems
ProSet Firestop and Waterproof penetrators. Trap Guard Sewer gas emission protection and trap evaporation protection.  ProVent Single stack DWV system, whisper quiet PVC shell pipe. 
Products availible to ship from our Tulsa Office.
Modular mechanical seals for pipe penetrations
Products availible to ship from our Tulsa Office.
Jay R. Smith Engineered Plumbing Products
CI Specialties, floor drains, roof drains, fixture carriers, cleanouts, floor sinks, hydrants, siphonic roof drains

Smith Trench Drain Systems
Cast, Poly, Stainless Steel, Enviroflo II, Zip Trench

Smith/ACO Trench Drain Systems
Trench drain systems, polymer concrete, fiberglass channel,

Smith Interceptors and Grease Recovery Devices (GRD)
Steel and Stainless Steel, Grease Recovery Device, Semi-Automatic,  Ultracept┬« Oil/Water Separator, Oil and Solids Interceptors.
Rainwater Harvesting
WISY vortex, downspout, & floating filters, smoothing inlet. Containment solutions storage tanks
Rainwater Management Solutions
Pumps, System Components, Gray Water Systems, Packaged Pump/Filtration Skids, Design Consultation
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