Plumbing / Drainage / Mechanical Products / Faucets / Toilets / Whirlpools / Fountains / Water Heaters / Bathtubs / Showers / Urinals / Valves / Dispensers

Although we profit from commissions and margins on sale of products, our service to the industry is what creates a demand for the products we represent.

Our Associates are available to assist you in selection of plumbing, drainage, and mechanical products for specification, purchase and installation on your project.

Product Selection

  • To meet performance and application criteria.
  • To comply with codes and standards:
    • ANSI standards
    • ADA guidelines
    • ASME standards
    • PDI guidelines
    • BOCA code
  • Value engineering recommendations.

Design Consultation

  • We are trained to assist in sizing and the application of:
  • Grease interceptors.
  • Solids Interceptors.
  • Oil Separators.
  • Acid dilution tanks and systems
  • Water temperature control valves.
  • Emergency Equipment.
  • Sizing and application of thermostatic mixing valves.
  • Trench drain and floor drain layout and design.
  • Roof drain sizing and design.
  • Fixture carrier application and selection.
  • Electric water cooler selection and chiller sizing for drinking fountains.

Training and Education

  • Features-benefits of products.
  • Sizing and application.
  • Technical aspects of products.
  • Installation and maintenance.
  • Introduction of new technologies and products.
  • Standards and codes.

Product Availability

  • Pannell/Associates, Inc., warehouse stock in Tulsa.
  • Maintain stocking wholesale distributors.
  • Resource products from factory regional warehouses.
  • Assist in order for expediting delivery of products.
  • Inventory of parts for warranty, maintenance, and upgrades.

Info and Assistance

  • Recommend authorized service representatives for warranty repair.
  • Advise on installation.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Provide up-to-date submittal, rough-in, catalog, and specification literature.
  • Order Entry, Follow-Up, and Expediting.
  • Cross reference of products to other manufacturers.
  • Budget estimating and value engineering suggestions.
  • Site surveys to assure emergency equipment compliance with ANSI standards.

...and much more.

For any assistance with plumbing, drainage, and mechanical products Contact Us Pannell Associates Sales Company.